KSI - Poppin (feat. Lil Pump & Smokepurpp) [Official Music Video]

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Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com

Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
#KSI #LilPump #Smokepurpp
Runtime: 04:15


Y 33
Y 33 - Time siden
1:41 wtf jj
Qumber Naqvi
Qumber Naqvi - 5 timer siden
King bach just chilling there
Clap Atron469
Clap Atron469 - 8 timer siden
GamingMonkeyyy - 12 timer siden
Sempi jack ???
Sempi jack ??? - 12 timer siden
I just say king batch in the vid
Tshim's channel
Tshim's channel - 20 timer siden
Pump and purp? Are you sure? Ok purp was fire
Ridwane Abdoulbaki Hamidou
Ridwane Abdoulbaki Hamidou - 22 timer siden
When the two smartest kid gets paired up with the school drug dealer for a project:
Hayden Profit
Hayden Profit - Dag siden
all barz!
Minato Shigeta
Minato Shigeta - Dag siden
I think jj just had fun doing this song in general, but sadly some people didn’t like it
MG _Pubg
MG _Pubg - Dag siden
Lil Pump
Nahdier Brown
Nahdier Brown - Dag siden
Just remove lil pump and this song is perfect.
Karl Ghossein
Karl Ghossein - Dag siden
Did anyone saw king bash 😂
Beats Buds
Beats Buds - Dag siden
Heal your chakras goodluck everyone
Drelin Potomski
Drelin Potomski - Dag siden
Is it just me or the beat is exactly like South of the Friday Night Funkin Soundtrack?
yakookayhdby 2
yakookayhdby 2 - 2 dager siden
Smokepurrp was good
Andrew Guerrero
Andrew Guerrero - 2 dager siden
Ksi’s verse is hella weak just repeats the same shit
Leftie '
Leftie ' - 2 dager siden
Pump carried
Tomiwa Olofin
Tomiwa Olofin - 2 dager siden
First Lockdown Nostaliga
GuyThe Guy
GuyThe Guy - 2 dager siden
Ishaan Azif
Ishaan Azif - 2 dager siden
king bach man
Daaze Trapped
Daaze Trapped - 3 dager siden
Cazmite BS
Cazmite BS - 3 dager siden
King Bach :)
T0S ALPHA - 4 dager siden
1:33 did nobody see bach?
xokrunker king
xokrunker king - 4 dager siden
king bach bruhhhhh
AJ - 4 dager siden
Lil pump the type of guy to go to bed wi a ruler to see how long he slept
Torpedo_R8 - 4 dager siden
Why do people dislike this I genuinely want to know why
Gorditaz - 2 dager siden
KSI verses are decent, the rest is trash. They rap about shit that make no sense. There’s some stupid bars. They should’ve just added Riff Raff on there!🤣
Gamer dude 98993
Gamer dude 98993 - 4 dager siden
It sounds sick at 1.25x especially Ksi's verse
Ant Antelope
Ant Antelope - 5 dager siden
Tom - 5 dager siden
ksi releases song:
jake paul: thats kinda good-
logan paul:ITS SO BAD
secretly logan paul dancing to it: yes
Tom - 3 dager siden
@Aurum Faber lol
Aurum Faber
Aurum Faber - 3 dager siden
Other way around
Irfan Zidni
Irfan Zidni - 5 dager siden
and now, all i need is ksi and ski mask
CaCtus - 5 dager siden
I literally cant tell difference between smoke purpp and lil pump
Adnan AS
Adnan AS - 6 dager siden
Ayo lil pump's rap is just not for me. With his verse cut off I like this track 100%!
Building cool Stuff
Building cool Stuff - 6 dager siden
Why are they repeating lyrics
nahom kiros
nahom kiros - 6 dager siden
I would like to see him with a pop artist
Avani - 6 dager siden
why is nobody talking about, "my neck got Ebola" 💀💀
Oratilwe Mabelane
Oratilwe Mabelane - 6 dager siden
Was that King Bach
COSMIC WAVE - 6 dager siden
this music suck's
Boy Boy
Boy Boy - 6 dager siden
Oooh Ksi fire doe
true__ peacock
true__ peacock - 7 dager siden
Smoke smashed this!!!!!
sebastian szczawinski
sebastian szczawinski - 7 dager siden
I didn't know the company was called BEERUS Ltd.
sebastian szczawinski
sebastian szczawinski - 7 dager siden
0:44 comically large spoon.
Jay - 7 dager siden
This is pretty cringy
Lukejgreen 23
Lukejgreen 23 - 7 dager siden
Then eminem starts rapping
lil Milburn
lil Milburn - 7 dager siden
0:39 the song starts here for all you lazy people
Emmanuel Ntiamoah
Emmanuel Ntiamoah - 7 dager siden
He lowkey got lil pump on there
Arjun- Editor
Arjun- Editor - 8 dager siden
The song title should actually be Chinese Lady-POPPING FT. KSI, LIL pump, and smokepuurp
pvp4h *
pvp4h * - 8 dager siden
Is it me or does smokepurpp look like Aaron from AreUMadLol?
DRYDEN LAURIE - 8 dager siden
this is fucking fire man holy crap
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 8 dager siden
Ski ass
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 8 dager siden
It's only hard because of Lil pump and smokepurpp
paige - 8 dager siden
UltraAutist - 8 dager siden
When you steal a beat gj ksi (suicide boys - what the fuck is happening
Professor_Killa - 8 dager siden
lol king bach in the background
masterchief117 - 8 dager siden
I remember watching KSI’s fifa videos back in 2015 and now bro’s in music videos. Crazy come up 🔥🤙🏽
W1nksFN - 8 dager siden
Man when you bald you gonna turn in to mega mind
Digga D
Digga D - 9 dager siden
I don’t know why people hate on this song
The DANK kid!
The DANK kid! - 9 dager siden
King bach was there
Max - 9 dager siden
china made covid
F2arsenal - 9 dager siden
Are we gonna ignore king Bach?
Rebel876 _
Rebel876 _ - 9 dager siden
Put this in 0.25x speed at the part where lil pump moaned😂😂
EaZy - 10 dager siden
Who is the girl dancing
TrippaHive - 10 dager siden
Used suicideboys - what the fuck is happening beat
Random - 10 dager siden
Definitely one of my favorites from JJ
Jake games
Jake games - 10 dager siden
Anybody remember smokepurpps fortnite freestyle 😂
Xzawdyk Beatz
Xzawdyk Beatz - 10 dager siden
This actually hard
Dureh Saleh
Dureh Saleh - 11 dager siden
smokepurps version blew my fucking head off
Lavador Mendonca
Lavador Mendonca - 11 dager siden
🔥 who here 2021
JezyPlaze Gaming
JezyPlaze Gaming - 11 dager siden
KSI and JJ Olatunji collab
Cian Ryan
Cian Ryan - 12 dager siden
This is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Telix - 12 dager siden
You know the song is bad when smokepurrp has the best verse.
Pizza Cat
Pizza Cat - 12 dager siden
Actually a good sing compared to the older songs
Glory Hold
Glory Hold - 12 dager siden
Ksi got a face only a mother could love
RichGuwala - 13 dager siden
Ksi was just naturally born cringe
paige - 8 dager siden
Whatever you say, he is still making £££££ each day my guy
luigi - 12 dager siden
Aaean Khan
Aaean Khan - 13 dager siden
Where did King Bach come from
Xplore Fax
Xplore Fax - 13 dager siden
Am i the only-one who likes King Bach''es vibe
Jake Ross
Jake Ross - 13 dager siden
Aung Myint choco
Aung Myint choco - 14 dager siden
she is from the kda kasia's song
david chijioke
david chijioke - 15 dager siden
Football freak
Football freak - 15 dager siden
Ksi the only thing I can bare here
Matrotixs metroking
Matrotixs metroking - 15 dager siden
Matrotixs metroking
Matrotixs metroking - 15 dager siden
Breyon Shuler
Breyon Shuler - 15 dager siden
I think ksi hep them surpass 14 mil views
Meek King
Meek King - 15 dager siden
not lil pump using x adlibs
Hamster_TTV BTW
Hamster_TTV BTW - 15 dager siden
Can we all just appreciate The girl Dancing, She's killing it 😇.
ATK - 15 dager siden
vic arroliga
vic arroliga - 15 dager siden
vic arroliga
vic arroliga - 15 dager siden
vic arroliga
vic arroliga - 15 dager siden
:Q ok
Sizzle - 15 dager siden
yo it's that girl from world of dance
Henry The Boss
Henry The Boss - 16 dager siden
wtf have i just seen
Dylan O'Connor
Dylan O'Connor - 16 dager siden
listening to this in 2021 gives me nostalgia from 8 months ago
Mason Mcintyre
Mason Mcintyre - 11 dager siden
kelly adams
kelly adams - 16 dager siden
JJ when will you play fortnite
springz - 16 dager siden
This is smokepurps song now.
josh'sgoinham - 16 dager siden
man jj really just said how many famous people can we afford, and the director was like 2 and a old viner
30 ꜱᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?
lilpump lookin homeless
Mattyboy games
Mattyboy games - 16 dager siden
Mbabazi David
Mbabazi David - 17 dager siden
1:18 what is he saying
Mbabazi David
Mbabazi David - 13 dager siden
@Big man thanks
Big man
Big man - 13 dager siden
@Mbabazi David idk
Mbabazi David
Mbabazi David - 14 dager siden
Thanks but what r the lyrics about
Big man
Big man - 14 dager siden
HK, headshot
Steel Nation Highlights
Steel Nation Highlights - 17 dager siden
Lil Pump is the type of guy to mix soda and grape juice and call it lean
Steel Nation Highlights
Steel Nation Highlights - 17 dager siden
It looks like JJ is staring into my soul
Mbabazi David
Mbabazi David - 17 dager siden
4:01 was that King Bach
Lil Duke
Lil Duke - 17 dager siden
If you look closely JJ olatunji is slightly shorter than KSI ❌🧢
Yellobook - 18 dager siden
I love this Beat. The Beat is Poppin!
greg hanks
greg hanks - 18 dager siden
My boy JJ popin
Derivative - 19 dager siden
0:51 camera shot is the only good bit of this video and song
Derivative - 18 dager siden
@beonwdym. Dead song. Trash lyricism and beat. KSI verse was ish but cringe. Pump was absolute sht and purpp just dead.
beon - 18 dager siden
😂 you’re so wrong it’s hilarious