Nathan Dawe x KSI x Ella Henderson - Lighter (Acoustic) [Official Video]

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Nathan Dawe x KSI x Ella Henderson: Lighter (Acoustic) is out now:

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When you said it was over
I knew I’d fallen too deep
You made my world feel perfect
Then pulled it from under my feet

I cried for a minute
For a while I was trying to figure out what went wrong
Now I finally get it
And I see I don’t need you to be here I’m moving on

I used to think I couldn’t be without you, be without you
Now that you’re gone I feel happy as hell
Weight off of me I can breathe without you, breathe without you
Now that you’re gone I feel lighter

Yeah, I’m feeling way better in the space that I’m in
Lost many times so i’m happy when I win
I’m human so the words that you said affect me
Playing on my mind, and in private upsets me
I don’t care anymore
On your photos I don’t stare anymore, I’m Using the grief to build the belief that imma winner everyday so I don’t fear anymore
Imma show you I’m the greatest till you’re sick of it
Overcome so much when in the thick of it
This ain’t no Holy Ghost, cos I’ve been on it everyday and everyway Ive written it
Believe me, imma party when it’s over
No car cos I’m moving with a chauffeur
Time really is the best at healing, with my own success and what I’m next revealing

I used to think I couldn’t be without you, be without you
Now that you’re gone I feel happy as hell
Weight off of me I can breathe without you, breathe without you
Now that you’re gone I feel lighter

I cried for a minute
For a while I was trying to figure out what went wrong
Now I finally get it
And I see I don’t need you to be here, I’m moving on

I used to think I couldn’t be without you, be without you
Now that you’re gone I feel happy as hell
Weight off of me I can breathe without you, breathe without you
Now that you’re gone I feel lighter

#Lighter #NathanDawe #KSI #EllaHenderson #Acoustic
Runtime: 02:52


Cristan - 2 dager siden
Why does the lighting look like the sun is in the middle of the room
Bobby Bobsters
Bobby Bobsters - 5 dager siden
celticfclad1 - 10 dager siden
Absolutely no need for a rap in this song
Akshin Barathi
Akshin Barathi - 13 dager siden
Shannon Johnson
Shannon Johnson - 15 dager siden
Beautiful 👏❤️👏
Howey 1624
Howey 1624 - 19 dager siden
I bet ksi will do another song with Nathan dawe and Ella in the summer
Grayson Backman
Grayson Backman - 20 dager siden
This is gonna sound shitty but I get eminem Rihanna monster vibes and Edd sheran/rihannah n eminem vibes in general. It just sounds this one was a bit shittier in terms of catchy melody right beat etc. Correct me if I'm wrong just my opinion (edit just relistened and definitely better the second time
J RJ96
J RJ96 - 21 dag siden
Glad Ella is getting more recognition in this song she takes it up a level
ammarasi____ - 21 dag siden
where nathan dawe
A P - 21 dag siden
whos here from dont play acoustic
Arshiyaan K
Arshiyaan K - 21 dag siden
I swear Ella has Autotune inside her
dalie1990 - 23 dager siden
Ella Henderson is a true British treasure there’s not many out there with a better voice for me in my opinion.
Sanjith Pranav
Sanjith Pranav - 29 dager siden
Daya Samra
Daya Samra - Måned siden
Wow 🤩
DUCK007-_- - Måned siden
Ella Henderson is 🥵😌😉
Edward Harrison
Edward Harrison - Måned siden
“Believe me I’m a party when it’s over”
You better beat jake I’m begging so hard
sultan wibisono
sultan wibisono - 2 dager siden
He will put jake to sleep
Jamming With Jonno
Jamming With Jonno - Måned siden
KSI's fan base is the littest fan base on YouTube.
gimme10M - Måned siden
0% Autotune
Marshall Mat
Marshall Mat - Måned siden
Best acoustic song so far, hands down 🎵 ❤
Danny R
Danny R - Måned siden
Rapping some madness? It was more like spoken word poetry. I loved Ella though. Her voice is other wordly. She's highly underrated.
supertaco03 - Måned siden
This is way better than driver’s license just saying
sidemen clips
sidemen clips - 5 dager siden
100% agree
kai - 10 dager siden
couldnt agree more!!
OK - Måned siden
Awesome plays
Awesome plays - Måned siden
Why does she look like an f1 driver
Gutta's Gaming kanal
Gutta's Gaming kanal - Måned siden
Holy fack this is cleeen shit bro❤️🙈
Belly - Måned siden
0:38 = nightmare
Moron Mitch
Moron Mitch - Måned siden
JJ cud low key do a motivation song a deep one with how he sung his 1st bit sick as F***
Proud - Måned siden
For me this is actually better than the original song one
2:45 did anyone feel like it was a burp?
MrUnicornGaming - Måned siden
The thumbnail is kinda scary. Also look at JJ I think he's also scared lol 🤣
William Moriarty
William Moriarty - Måned siden
He should rap with the word mural
Jamming With Jonno
Jamming With Jonno - Måned siden
Wavyy - Måned siden
Matthew 3:2.
Wavyy - Måned siden
Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon.
Steviebergwijn69 COYS
Steviebergwijn69 COYS - Måned siden
this is sick
Matthew Moyo
Matthew Moyo - Måned siden
Man I luv this song sooooooooooooooooooo much 🖤
TheLaSarge - Måned siden
KSI doesn't have a good voice, lol. Ruined the song, stick to the Reddit Vids
Niclas Ekfeldt
Niclas Ekfeldt - Måned siden
Dayum Ella looking good in that fit she chose
abel ascic
abel ascic - Måned siden
Did bot know that JJ was rapping this, where is KSI
Scribblz Animates
Scribblz Animates - Måned siden
I think we treated our fat neek to harshly NGL
Natalia Santino Antoinette
Ella has such a beautiful voice❤️
hi - Måned siden
We need more of this jj
Jayden Wangongu
Jayden Wangongu - Måned siden
why does Ella Henderson remind me of Lele Pons.
j swift
j swift - Måned siden
i just found this... this is incredible.
Mark Kelwick
Mark Kelwick - Måned siden
This song would be shit with out Ella and she's not even in the title of the original 🙄
GoodBoiCnnr - Måned siden
The Saint
The Saint - Måned siden
I am from the philippines and i heard this version on a radio station while i am driving. Dang Olajide mainstream now
LuhBrxton - Måned siden
eminem what are you doing, you GOTTA give ksi that feature
Jonas Kohanek
Jonas Kohanek - Måned siden
GROOMSKI - Måned siden
You need to start using your natural voice more on songs brother, its mad!!
Harryasu - Måned siden
Why is this better that the you song
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith - Måned siden
This really hits different to the original
Zantilo - Måned siden
Ella: carries the whole song
KSI: does some rap madness
Nathan dawe: clap clap
Rajat Waghmare
Rajat Waghmare - Måned siden
@Wan Aqif it's a hook ? Lmao
Zantilo - Måned siden
@Wan Aqif yeah hahaha at least she did more than Nathan
Wan Aqif
Wan Aqif - Måned siden
Ella is kinda looping the same lyric xD
Mariam Bilal
Mariam Bilal - Måned siden
0:01 Ethan? Why are you in the back?
webmaster - Måned siden
this is beautiful
Tioxly - Måned siden
this better then the original
mist - Måned siden
ngl Talia mar should be on here as well
mist - Måned siden
@Blanco WFC she is a good singer and the mood is well set for her
Blanco WFC
Blanco WFC - Måned siden
Why? She isn't affiliated to the song whatsoever.
veryrare XO
veryrare XO - Måned siden
This is so underrated
Salah Abourabil
Salah Abourabil - Måned siden
So like what does nathan dawe do tho?
C86Deluxe - Måned siden
He’s the dj
Spaxx - Måned siden
when the quiet kids make a song:
Watson Harrell
Watson Harrell - Måned siden
Jesus loves you brochachos
HyperHD - Måned siden
Ella put on some pounds tho
Aer0 CryptzX
Aer0 CryptzX - Måned siden
who is here after he went Platinum
Type1 MTB
Type1 MTB - Måned siden
JJ really out here healing hearts
Have you noticed that the headphones changed every now and then but apart from that this really shows they have talent and good job, great song
hossam fahmy
hossam fahmy - Måned siden
Where is the rapping it's more like wrapping here
Y _RB - Måned siden
Lol KSI's rap without music is kinda hilarious
EHEHE BOI - Måned siden
Ella in the thumbnail looks demonic
Albin Funck
Albin Funck - Måned siden
Ella should have a male harmony on the chorus
M4 qzy
M4 qzy - Måned siden
Ksi is not that bad
Karen Simonaitis
Karen Simonaitis - Måned siden
This is better than the real song
OChamp - Måned siden
She has a amazing voice and my guy ksi just finishes it off Maderzz
Charles - Måned siden
I actually love this
Kxng S4f3
Kxng S4f3 - Måned siden
Did her dirty in the thumbnail
Kaleb Cotter
Kaleb Cotter - Måned siden
Ksi suits this way better. This is sick
Michal_King - Måned siden
she has amazing voice
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson - Måned siden
Ella Henderson
KING K - Måned siden
The question is did KSI smash tho!:)
Nigel Mrweirdo
Nigel Mrweirdo - Måned siden
I'm feeling so high like a black yao ming. but im chinese so i probably just feel like yao ming.
Marshall Mat
Marshall Mat - Måned siden
Better than original
Lilia Dee
Lilia Dee - 2 måneder siden
owen hasler
owen hasler - 2 måneder siden
Ella Henderson do be looking like she had some Frank’s hot sauce in the thumbnail (I put that sh*t on everything).
Hi - 2 måneder siden
I like them both acoustic and other. I prefer ellas voice like this is acoustic but in the other one I prefer it higher.
Ryan - 2 måneder siden
AK - 2 måneder siden
shouldve done the acoustic with einer bankz
Fifa Digital
Fifa Digital - 2 måneder siden
Me in 2021
Mike Hunter
Mike Hunter - 2 måneder siden
Such a great song... Then jj starts trying to rap 😂 oh Jesus why
Milo afandi
Milo afandi - 2 måneder siden
sharyn ehiri
sharyn ehiri - 2 måneder siden
u did her dirty with the thumbnail lol
apikkakakka %%%
apikkakakka %%% - 2 måneder siden
0:38 her face
Benjamin Nørgaard Larsen
Benjamin Nørgaard Larsen - 2 måneder siden
I like this more than the first one
KR45Y76 - 2 måneder siden
damn Ella is amazing, such a pure soul
Faisal Alharthi
Faisal Alharthi - 2 måneder siden
Bro i fucking love this
gabe itch
gabe itch - 2 måneder siden
Mad respect to JJ
Minh Thong
Minh Thong - 2 måneder siden
Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.
Huy Uy
Huy Uy - 2 måneder siden
I love this movie.
daniel caruana
daniel caruana - 2 måneder siden
KSI writes his own lyrics but there are other writers involved in the songwriting process he partly writes his songs, how much of his song he writes ya don't know. KSI what would have final say what gets recorded unless collaborating with someone on their track.
George Eastwood
George Eastwood - 2 måneder siden
JJ i was not expecting that, this is sick
Fahmeed Rokon
Fahmeed Rokon - 2 måneder siden
JJ’s lyrics hit different after listening to Noob
Geoff Denton
Geoff Denton - 2 måneder siden
Ella wow
dzoja 23
dzoja 23 - 2 måneder siden
Blær Olivia Nelson
Blær Olivia Nelson - 2 måneder siden
Ella Henderson dangg